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Objective: Pare the Louisiana state highway system down to a much smaller set of significant highways. The remaining highways are significant in length, traffic, access to cities, or a combination of these factors. This significance must be justified. Retained highways are subject to renumbering in order to eliminate high numbers and large gaps in numbering.

State highways that are not retained will revert to control by the respective parishes in which the highway resides. Parishes shall be free to number and sign these roads as they wish. However, the state shall propose signage designations for these roads based on their purpose.

The ultimate result of this project will be a plan for all state highways.

Note: State highways numbers 300 or higher that are not consumed by new route designations will either revert to parish control or be deleted.

Executive Summary

  • US 63 extended to St. Francisville, following US 167 to Pineville, LA 107 to Marksville, and LA 1 and 10 through New Roads.
  • US 167 decommissioned.
  • US 190 decommissioned east of US 171. Segments given to LA 12, US 71, LA 36, LA 25 and LA 22.
  • Cross-state extensions of LA 3 and 27.
  • Major reconfiguration of LA 5, 16, 20, 22, 31 and 70.
  • New LA 7 consuming parts of US 167 and LA 182.
  • All routes in the 1-191 range evaluated.
  • When possible, new route numbers chosen to conform to directional convention (even: west-east; odd: south-north). (Since there are more odd routes than even routes at this point, routes of irregular direction will be given even numbers.)
  • No business routes, spurs or alternates in the new plan. Such routes are handled by the parishes.

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