St. Mary Parish
Evacuation Plan Map



Title Direction Function Proposal
LA 83 Mostly absorbed by LA 31.
LA 85 between LA 674 and LA 668 E-W New LA 116.
LA 87 River Road 11.
US 90 from LA 3073 to I-310 E-W Retain.
LA 182 from LA 31 to US 90 NW-SE New LA 85.
LA 182 along Bayou Teche from Calumet to Berwick Other (please describe) River Road 11W.
LA 182 from Berwick to LA 20 E-W Extend LA 20.
LA 317 N-S Parish Spur S17.
LA 318 N-S Parish A31.
LA 319 N-S Parish S19.
LA 323 NE-SW River Road 11Z.
LA 324 E-W River Road 11Y.
LA 326 Arc River Road 11W.
S2331 / LA 70 / 9th St. N-S LA 16.
S2332 / LA 70 / Marguerite St. NE-SW LA 16.
LA 3211 N-S Franklin bypass Parish L11.
LA 3215 N-S Parish C15.
Chitimacha Trail Arc River Road 11W.
Irish Bend Road Arc River Road 11W.


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