LA 28
Action Retained Length 105 miles
Scope Central LA Original Route

Consumes part of LA 8.


Connected Non-System Segments

Route Scope Function Proposal
LA 107 in Pineville Parish Business B07.
LA 116 Parish A28.
LA 121 from LA 8 to LA 463 Parish Highway 21.
US 165 BUS Alexandria-Pineville Parish B02.
LA 464 Rural Route Parish 64.
LA 465 from LA 8 to LA 121
LA 468 Parish A68.
LA 1207 Parish Spur S07.
LA 1243 Parish Bypass L43.
LA 1 / Main St. / S2084 Alexandria Alexandria business route Parish B01.
S2119 / LA 8 from LA 490 to LA 1 Rapides Parish Rural Route Parish Highway 8.
LA 3100 Donahue Ferry Rd. Parish Business B00.
LA 3100 Griffith St. Parish Business B28 or S28.
LA 3128 Parish Bypass L28.
LA 3144 Edgewood Dr. Parish Bypass L44.


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