Bayou Teche Roads (RR11)
Ordinal 11

Eastbank route absorbs LA 87, 86 and 347. Westbank route absorbs parts of LA 182 and other roads branching from LA 182 south of New Iberia. There is also a child road 11A within a loop in Bayou Teche east of New Iberia.


Number Name


Title Description Proposal
LA 87 River Road 11.
LA 182 along Bayou Teche from Calumet to Berwick River Road 11W.
LA 323 River Road 11Z.
LA 324 River Road 11Y.
LA 326 River Road 11W.
LA 328 between LA 94 and LA 347 Extend LA 94. Also part of River Road 11.
LA 347 south of LA 328 River Road 11.
LA 347 Bushville Hwy River Road [[[rr:11]].
LA 740/3254 River Road 11W.
S2228 / LA 31 / Market Rd. River Road 11.
S2229 / LA 31 River Road 11.
Chitimacha Trail River Road 11W.
Irish Bend Road River Road 11W.


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